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Updated on Mar 20, 2024 | Canada Visa Online

eTA for Australian citizens

Eligibility of Canada eTA for Australian Citizens

  • Australian citizens are eligible to file an application for Canada eTA
  • Australia has been the inception nationality instrumental in the launch and success of Canada Visa Online aka Canada eTA programme
  • The age for eligibility is 18 years. If you are below this age then you guardian of parent can apply on your behalf for Canada eTA

Additional eTA of Canada Salient Features

  • An e-Passport or Biometric Passport is required to apply for Canada eTA.
  • ETA of Canada will be sent by email to the citizens of Australia
  • ETA of Canada allows entry into the country by Airport. Seaports and Land ports are excluded
  • Purpose of the visit can be to transit via Canadian Airport, or it could be sightseeing, or a business meeting or general tourism

Get Ready to Apply for Canada tourist visa from Australia

There is no doubt that Australia is a great place to live, as the continent has some of the best places in the world. Having said that, many Australian citizens like to travel the world and explore different countries. One country that is always on the hot list of Australian citizens is Canada. Traveling to Canada is pretty easy for Australian citizens and there are quite a few reasons for that. One reason is that English is widely spoken in the country, just like in Australia. And the other reason is that it is not tough at all to get a Canada tourist visa from Australia.

Many questions come to mind related to visas, when travellers from Australia plan their visit to Canada. You will get most of your answers as you read on.

Do I Need a Canada tourist visa?

Many countries require a visa to travel to Canada, but not Australia. The good news for Australian citizens is that you don’t require a visa to enter Canada. Having said that, if you wish to travel to Australia, you need to have an eTA (Electronic Travel Authorization) upon arrival in Canada.

It is mandatory for Australian citizens to have a Canada eTA to enter Canada. The only scenario where you don’t need eTA Canada is if you already possess a valid visa. If such is the scenario, then you need to present your visa upon arrival in Canada.

In 2016, the eTA program was introduced to screen travellers arriving from foreign countries to secure Canada's borders by providing real-time data on all passengers in the country, especially to curtail the global rise in terrorist activities.

For up to 6 months, Australian citizens, either business travellers or tourists do not require a visa to visit Canada if they have an eTA.

A Canada visa from Australia will be required for the following reasons:

  • To work in Canada
  • To move to Canada
  • To perform any other activity unrelated to leisure, tourism, or business
  • To stay for longer than 6 months

What is the procedure for Applying for a Canada eTA From Australia?

To apply online for a Canada visa or eTA, one must fill out an online application form in which one needs to provide their basic contact information, personal information and details of passport. The following information needs to be provided by the applicants:

  • Nationality
  • Gender
  • First and last name
  • Passport dates of issue and expiry
  • Passport number
  • Employment history
  • Marital status

A short section will be there as well, in which you will be asked questions about the traveller’s health history, criminal record (if applicable), upcoming plans in Canada and previous visits to the country.

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Do all Australian Citizens Require a Canada eTA?

To enter Canada on a short-term basis (under 90 days) all Australian citizens are required to apply for a Canada eTA visa, no matter if the visit is for business, general tourism, transit or medical purposes. This only applies to those entering the county on a commercial or charter flight.

One must keep in mind eTA is your online Canada visa from Australia that is issued for temporary visits. It does not at all authorize immigration. Keep in mind that the eTA does not authorize immigration but only temporary visits.

When Should Australian Citizens Apply For An eTA?

It is advised that prior to 72 hours of their departure date when applying online for a Canada tourist visa, Australian citizens must complete their eTA application. One must take this time period very seriously if you don’t want any delays or the risk of their Canada visa from Australia or eTA being refused.

How long does it take to receive an eTA?

If you are one of the Australian citizens, you can expect your eTA application to be processed and accepted within half an hour. For this, an authorization is sent to your email ID in PDF form. Because the eTA is stored electronically against the passport, in the Canada Immigration system, you don’t have to print or produce any documents as you reach the Canadian airport.

If there is a mistake on the eTA form, what will happen?

If the wrong information is submitted by mistake on the eTA form, then your application will be refused. It means that your eTA will not be valid. If that happens, you will need to go through the whole procedure again and need to apply again for a new eTA. There is one more thing that Australian citizens must keep in mind - once the eTA has been processed and approved, it is not possible to change or update any details on an existing eTA.

How can an Austrian citizen Apply for a Canadian eTA?

The application process is not complicated at all. To get a Canada tourist visa or eTA, all you need is a valid Australian passport and a little more information.

You just need to go online and fill out the form. This is practically all you need to do other than paying the required fee and you can see your travelling plans getting started. You can break it like this

  • Fill out the straightforward online form for a Canada tourist visa
  • Make payment online
  • Submit your application

From there, your application will go to the Canadian Embassy and your eTA will be emailed to you upon approval.

Is the eTA Application Process Secure?

Just like with every online transaction, there is always a small risk involved when it comes to applying Canada visa online. Having said that, if you apply through an authentic source, the chances of any type of fraud are very low. Always apply from the official website rather than going through different links from some other websites or blogs. When you apply from an authentic source, you can rest assured that your information is fully secured and protected by the highest levels of security.

What about a transit visa for Australian citizens?

Most people from different nations around the world require a transit visa while passing through Canada for both entering and departing the country. However, if you are an Australian citizen and have a Canada visa or eTA, then a transit visa is not required. But, one crucial thing to make a note of is that Australian nationals have no right to work or even live in Canada after having been granted an eTA or Canada visa online.

The Canadian eTA or online Canada visa is completely electronic and machine-readable. This is the reason why all Australians entering Canada must possess an electronic passport.

A short glimpse at - how to apply for a Canada eTA?

  1. Fill out Online Application: You need to complete your eTA application form for a Canada visa. It is a straightforward process that usually takes approximately 10-15 minutes to complete.
  2. Travel and Personal Information: You need to enter passport information, personal details and answer some questions to determine if you are eligible or not.
  3. Making the Fee Payment: There is some amount of money that you need to pay in the form of the application fee online.
  4. Email Confirmation: Usually, an applicant receives an email confirmation within 5-10 minutes. Having said that, a few applications may need a number of days for processing. Until or unless you receive explicit confirmation, never assume approval.
  5. Passport Linking: Your eTA is electronically linked to the passport upon approval. The passport number needs to be the same that you have filled in the application. The most important thing –never forget to carry your passport with you when travelling.
  6. Period of Validity: Out of the date of passport expiry or the period of 5 years, an approved eTA will be valid for the shortest tenure among the two dates. Once the eTA is approved, it allows for multiple entries into the country.

A short eTA application advice

  • At least before departure 72 hours, your application must be submitted
  • Travellers can still apply for a full visitor visa if denied an eTA
  • Because the final decision is made by Canada Immigration, an eTA does not guarantee entry to Canada
  • A guardian or parent will need to make the application if the traveller is less than 18 years of age

What are the benefits of eTA?

  • From the date of issue, an eTA is valid for five years
  • Under 90-day duration, an eTA can be used for multiple entries
  • Electronic delivery and fast authorization
  • Apply from tablet, desktop, or mobile

Before applying for an eTA, it's crucial to make sure you meet all the requirements and have all the necessary information ready. There are not a lot of complications in the process of getting a Canada eTA. Simply follow the steps mentioned earlier and you will get your eTA soon. Visiting Canada is simpler than ever thanks to an eTA or Online Canada Visa. You just need to be vigilant and you are ready to explore the amazing country called Canada.

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