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Canada Visa Online is a Visa Waiver document that permits foreign citizens from several visa-exempt countries to travel to Canada without the need to apply for a visa at a Canadian embassy or consulate. Instead, they can easily apply or obtain a Canada eTA through online mode.

What is eTA Canada Visa?

In 2015, the Government of Canada started a Visa Waiver program for citizens of selected visa-exempt countries based on the collaborative agreement with the US to enhance the border security of both nations. Residents of these countries can travel to Canada using an Electronic Travel Authorization document which can be obtained from the best Canada eTA service.

It is a crucial point to note that although your Canadian eTA is valid for a maximum of 5 years, you can only stay for up to 6 months per visit and enter at any time within this validity period.

The Canada eTA service offers a more streamlined process than the traditional way of obtaining eTA. It is specifically designed for individuals visiting Canada for purposes such as business, tourism, or permit.

Online Visa Application for Canada

An eTA or e-Visa is an official digital document that lets you enter and travel within Canada. It serves as an alternative to obtaining a traditional visa through embassies or ports of entry. Before traveling to Canada, an eTA Form can be filled out online by providing the necessary details and paying the visa fee through a credit or debit card. It typically takes just five minutes to complete the whole process. Once you have successfully submitted and paid, you will receive your e-visa electronically.

Upon approval, an email containing the e-Visa will be provided to you at your active email address. At ports of entry, immigration officials will verify your e-visa by using their electronic systems or devices.

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Receive Canada eTA

Your Canada eTA approval will arrive in your email (sent by IRCC).

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What is a Visa Application for Canada?

The Canada Visa Application is an electronic web form that is for individuals who are planning a short-term visit to Canada, as advised by Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC).

This digital application serves as an alternative to traditional paper-based visa applications. You can use the Canada eTA service to obtain the Canada eTA and avoid going to the Canadian Embassy or consulates. All you need to do is provide the correct passport information and other details and complete the process minutely. Upon completion, your visa will be delivered via email.

To pay the online fees, you need to have a proper internet connection, a valid email address, and a credit or debit card.

All Canada Visa Applications submitted through our website undergo verification by Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) to confirm the identity of the individuals. You should also note that the Government does not offer Canada visa-on-arrival. So, apply for the Canada online visa beforehand and the applications are processed in less than 24 hours, though some cases may require up to 72 hours.

Upon your visa approval, you can store the email document on your mobile or print it for inspection. Immigration officers at the airports will verify the Canada eTAs on their computer, eliminating the need for a physical stamp on your passport.

To avoid any rejections at the airport, make sure to enter your correct information while filling out the Canada visa online application on this website such as your name, surname, date of birth, passport details, and expiration dates.

Who is eligible to apply for a Canada visa online? (or Canada eTA)

Citizens of certain countries are eligible for the Online Canada Visa, excluding those listed below who need to apply for an eTA. Canadian and US citizens do not need Canada eTA to enter Canada.

Only tourists who are flying to Canada on a commercial or chartered aircraft are required to apply for an eTA to Canada. In case of arriving via sea or land, you do not require Canada eTA. Find out if you are eligible for Canada eTA.

Conditional Canada eTA

Passport holders of the following countries are eligible to apply for a Canada eTA only if they satisfy the conditions listed below:


  • All nationalities held a Canadian Temporary Resident Visa (TRV) or Canada Visitor Visa in the last ten (10) years.


  • All nationalities must hold a current and valid U.S. nonimmigrant visa.

Who cannot apply for the Online Canada Visa Application?

Travelers from certain categories are ineligible to apply for Canada eTAs and they should provide alternative identifications to enter Canada. This includes:

  • Canadian citizens, including dual citizens - Canadian citizens including Dual Citizens do not require a Canada visa, they need to present a valid Canadian passport. American-Canadians also need to show a valid passport from either of the countries( Canada, USA) to travel within Canada.
  • Permanent Residents of Canada- This category of travelers needs to provide a valid permanent resident card or a permanent resident travel document to gain access to Canada.
  • Visa-Required Countries- Individuals belonging to visa-required countries including those holding alien passports and stateless individuals should apply for a Canada Visitor Visa if they are not nationals or passport holders of a visa-exempt country.

What are the different types of Canada eTAs?

The Canada eTA is divided into four broad categories.

  • If you are making a brief stop in one of the Canadian airports before moving on to your destination on another plane, you can go for a Canada Transit Visa
  • If you are traveling to Canada for tourism, sightseeing, visiting your family or friends, a school trip, or enrolling in a short period of study without a credit, you can apply for a Canada Tourist Visa.
  • If you have any business conferences and conventions related to science, education, and more or to settle a real estate affair, you can opt for a Canada Business Visa.
  • And, for any prearranged medical treatment in a Canadian hospital.

For the Canada eTA, what kind of information might be necessary?

Travelers must include the following information while filling out the Canada eTA application.

  • Personal details such as your name, date, and place of birth, including your valid passport number, issuance date, and expiration date.
  • Contact information such as your address and email
  • Details regarding employment or education

How Do I Apply for The Canada eTA?

All eligible foreign citizens must obtain a Canada eTA who are intending to visit Canada. From submitting the eTA for Canada application to payment and receiving visa approval, the entire process is web-based. Applicants must complete the Canada eTA by submitting necessary details such as contact information, passport details, and travel history, including background information such as health and criminal records.

Regardless of age, all visitors to Canada need to fill out this form. If you are a minor, then your parents should complete this form on your behalf. After filling out the form, payments for the Canada eTA must be made using a valid credit or debit card before finally submitting it. The process is completed within 24 hours however, due to certain factors it may take several days or weeks to complete.

How long is the eTA for Canada valid?

The validity for the Canada eTA lasts for 5 years from the date of issue or until your linked passport expires. You can stay in the nation as often as you like but only for a maximum of 6 months at a time. Canada Border authorities will determine your stay duration based on factors like travel purpose which will be noted in your passport.

Expedite Your Arrival with Advance Customs and Immigration Declaration

Canada's ArriveCAN app offers travelers the opportunity to utilize the Advance Customs and Immigration Declaration service. This innovative digital tool allows you to:

  • Speed up arrival process: By submitting online your customs and immigration declaration up to 72 hours before your flight to a participating Canadian airport, you can reduce wait times upon arrival.
  • Express Lane Access: Eligible travelers who have submitted their Advance Declaration can utilize dedicated express lanes at the airport.