A Comprehensive List of Visas and Permissions for the Canada Entry and Stay

Updated on Mar 31, 2024 | Canada Visa Online

Confused about different Canadian visas and permissions? This guide unlocks all your options. Check out this post to find the perfect fit for your Canadian adventure!

Canada beckons with its stunning landscapes, vibrant cities, and diverse opportunities. Before embarking on your Canadian journey, understanding the various entry requirements is key. This post provides a comprehensive list of all available visas and permissions, from tourism and study permits to work visas and more. Regardless of your reason for visiting Canada, this guide will equip you with the knowledge to choose the right entry option for a smooth and successful trip.

V1: Tourist Visitor Visa

Foreigners visiting Canada for events or business meetings can apply for a V1 visa. Individuals with this visa can even pursue a course with a duration of up to 24 weeks. It is Canada's most requested visa type, valid for up to 6 months. You can apply for the V1 Canada visa online. V1 visa holders can also ask for an extension if they need to stay longer than the validity period. Note that this visa type allows multiple entries.

VH-1: Transit Visa

Foreigners who need a stopover in Canada can apply for a transit visa, valid for 48 hours. Transit visa holders can pass freely within the Canadian terrain during the visa validity period. Note that the rules of this visa don't apply to cruises. In that case, you will need a tourist visa.

PG-1: Super Visa

The PG-1 visa is known by different names, such as super visa, temporary residence, and parent and grandparent visa. Relatives of Canadian citizens and permanent residents can use this visa to stay with their families in Canada. Individuals with this visa can live in this country with relatives for up to 2 years without visa renewal. PG-1 visa applications typically get approved within 15 days, and their validity varies. This visa requires the relative to undergo medical examinations and obtain health insurance. Additionally, the sponsoring Canadian citizen or permanent resident must demonstrate sufficient financial means to support them.

eTA: Electronic Travel Authorisation

Citizens from over 60 countries including European citizens and citizens from additional 15 plus countries with a valid US visa or who had a Canadian visa in the last ten years are eligible for the Canada eTA. Its application process is simple and can be done electronically. Canada eTA allows entry into Canada only by air.

SX-1: Visitor Visa

It's a temporary study visa designed for students who want to undergo a course lasting less than 24 weeks. The SX-1 visa processing and issuance period is around 15 days, and its validity depends on the course duration. Students who want to study in Canada must enrol in a course provided by a Designated Learning Institution (DLI) authorized by the Canadian government. Note that only DLIs are permitted to accept international students' applications. Another requirement to get this visa is obtaining a Letter of Acceptance (LOA) from the educational institution where you want to enrol.

Study and Work Permits

S-1: Study Permit

Individuals who want to pursue a course with a duration of more than 24 weeks need a study permit. The institution you wish to enrol in must be a DLI and provide you with the LOA.

SW-1:  Study and Work Permit

Individuals who want to work in Canada while studying for more than 24 months can apply for a SW-1 visa. This permit is only available to students enrolled in undergraduate or postgraduate programs with a mandatory internship (Co-Op program). This visa permits part-time work (up to 20 hours per week) and is valid for the duration of the visa holder's study period.

W-1: Work Permit

The permanent work permit is designed for long-term employment, allowing individuals to work in Canada. It caters to those with a job offer or a paid scholarship requiring a training program or internship related to an undergraduate or postgraduate degree.

B-1: Business Visa

This visa caters to professionals engaging in short-term business activities within Canada. This could include attending conferences, exploring potential business opportunities, or visiting other businesses. To be eligible for this visa, you need a document from your employer outlining the specific activities you'll undertake during your stay in Canada.

Apart from the visas mentioned above, one can also apply for a visa for temporary professional activities and a working holiday visa. Please note that we have only provided superficial information about these visa types. Feel free to contact ONLINE CANADIAN ETA to learn more about them. We are a trusted firm offering electronic visa and electronic travel authority assistance to clients looking to conduct business activities or tours in Canada. Let us help you apply for a Canada visa online and unlock your path to new opportunities.

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