Must See Places in Banff National Park

Updated on Apr 30, 2024 | Canada Visa Online

Established in the late 1800s, Banff National Park is renowned as the first national park of Canada, spanning thousands of kilometres of mountain landscapes, dense forests, glaciers, and icefields. A glimpse of this national treasure is one of the easiest ways to observe the naturally blessed part of Canada, which by no surprise attracts millions of visitors each year.

The park's easy access and well-developed locations make it possible to even explore some of the most untouched places in the Canadian Rockies. The place also offers year-round activities and is home to many of the country’s famous lakes. Its little resort towns, historic hotels and unmatched natural scenery would add this to one of your favourite places in Canada. 

Explore some of the best places to see in Banff National Park as you plan your next vacation.

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Moraine Lake

Situated in the Valley of Ten Peaks in Banff National Park, this dramatic lake is widely known for its distinctive blue-green shade. Located outside the hamlet of Lake Louise, Moraine Lake has spectacular mountain scenery, making it a must stop site on a visit to the national park. In a country filled with lakes located at every corner, Moraine Lake with its exquisite, turquoise-coloured waters is definitely one of the most gorgeous lakes in Canada.

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Lake Louise

Both a lake and a hamlet of the same name, Lake Louise in Banff National Park is a place filled with magnificent water bodies, glaciers, and mountain landscapes. Offering numerous recreation activities, hiking trails, skating rinks and adventures galore, the place is one of the perfect locations to experience the park's rich natural surroundings. Here you can find perfect mountain towns, world class ski resorts and historic luxury hotels. The place is also located at a close distance from Moraine Lake and Lake Agnes.


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Lake Minnewanka

One of the longest lakes in the mountain parks of the Rockies, Lake Minnewanka was formerly known as the ‘Lake of the Spirits’ by the natives of the area. The scenic lake is located at a near distance from Banff Townsite, with spectacular views of the glacial peaks, seasonal boating options and picnic tables. This gorgeous place is by no wonder one of the park’s most popular destinations.

Yoho National Park

Located at a convenient distance from Banff National Park, this park is gorgeous being home to some of the best kept natural wonders of Canada. Nestled in eastern British Columbia Rocky Mountains, Yoho National Park would perfectly fit in a day trip itinerary. Spectacular views of the ocean and glacial peaks attract thousands of visitors to this part of the country, where the park’s countryside views could easily appear too unreal to imagine.


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Lake Agnes Tea House

Originally built as a refuge for hikers, the place started serving tea eventually in 1905. A hike to the tea house is usually rated as moderate, taking up to one to two hours. This historic tea house is easily accessible from Lake Louise and a comfortable view of the fascinating scenery would just add more charm on a visit to the park.

Sunshine Village

One of the three major resorts located in the national park, the place hosts a variety of all-weather activities and plenty of shopping and dining options. Home to some of the best mountain views of Canada, the village is located on the continental divide of the Canadian Rockies in Alberta and British Columbia. If you thought this place would be worth a visit only during winters, then you couldn’t be more wrong about this gorgeous mountain village.


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Banff Upper Hot Springs

Also known as the Canadian Rockies Hot springs, this part of Banff National Park attracts thousands of visitors each year. One among the county’s iconic hot pools, this area is one of the most commercially developed places in the park. The hot pools are located outdoors overlooking the spectacular mountain scenery. Banff hot springs are also renowned for being Canada’s highest thermal hot springs.

Banff Gondola

Marvel at the unparalleled beauty of Banff and the Bow Valley below from a four passenger, glass enclosed gondola as it travels all the way up to the Sulphur Mountain. Located at just five minutes away from the town of Banff, the scenic cableway ride offers one of the most beautiful views of Alberta’s Rocky Mountains.

Cascade of Time Garden

As if the amazing mountain panorama was not enough, the terrace garden located at a near distance from Banff townsite would make a trip to the national park even more charming. Flower bed trails and sitting area amidst trees, this could be one perfect place for a short break on a walk from the nearby town. The garden was originally made to explain the geology of the national park and hosts over fifty thousand flower varieties which showcase the spectacular colours of nature during the blooming season.

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