Top Reasons Behind Getting Canada Visit Visa Rejected

Updated on Jan 21, 2024 | Canada Visa Online

When it comes to applying for a Canada eTA visa online, the reasons behind its refusal are not just one but different. That’s why it’s important for travellers to learn about those probable causes influencing visa denial.

Flying to Canada for a trip? But, worried about a visa refusal as you often hear from your friends around about it?

Well, Canada visit visa application may have been easier now for its online access, but its travel requirements have never been so straightforward and simple. Yet, visa refusals are not a surprise! From millions of visitors, many experience visa rejection.

However, knowing the possible reasons behind it can help you avoid this consequence. In today’s blog, we will discuss that! Let’s get started.

Why Does a Canada Visit Visa Get Rejected?

When it comes to applying for a Canada eTA visa online, the reasons behind its refusal are not just one but different. That’s why it’s important for travellers to learn about those probable causes influencing visa denial. It will help them ensure to avoid those mistakes for a more successful application process.

Not providing evidence of financial support

A Canada eTA allows travellers to stay here for up to 6 months with a 5-year visa validity. Yet, it’s important to show any proof demonstrating your financial stability to stay in Canada as a traveller throughout that duration. It may include your current bank statements, sponsorship details, or employment verification letters. If you don’t present clear documentation, the visa officers may assume it is your inability to cover the expenses during that period.

Not meeting the health standards

It’s necessary to attach your medical documents with the online visa application form to Canada, including your medical history details, vaccination, and other reports related to medical tests if you have undergone any. You can also attach a letter from your healthcare professional confirming your good health to overcome this concern. Otherwise, visa officers may not find just your words convincing enough and reject the application.

Doubtful intentions

Mentioning your visit purposes on the application form clearly is important. Unclear visit intentions may be doubtful to visa officers, which can be considered grounds for visa refusal. To avoid this consequence, it's best to provide your detailed travel plan and the reasons behind the trip or stay. As a supporting document, you can also attach copies of your hotel reservations and return flight tickets to clear your doubts.

Rejection due to previous travel history

Have you previously visited Canada and overstayed? If yes, visa officers can consider it a noticeable ground for the present visa refusal to avoid the reputation of the same incident. To avoid or mitigate the concern, it’s mandatory to give a detailed explanation of that occurrence and submit proof of complying with the Canada visa regulations.

Refusal based on illegal living status in the resident country

When applying for a travel visa to Canada, your application can be rejected due to your illegal status in the home country. To resolve this concern, you need to provide proof of your legal residence, like a visa or residency permit, which can assure Canadian visa authorities that you are abiding by the law. If there is any residency issue, it’s best to seek legal advice to rectify it before completing the application successfully.

Fail to provide accurate supporting information

While filling out the application form in a rush, it’s possible to make errors in providing details. And lacking accurate supporting documents and details can cause a visa denial by Canadian immigration authorities. To avoid this issue, it’s best to double-check the visa requirements, or you can even reach out to a professional to review it and help you throughout the process.

Why Does a Canada Visit Visa Get Rejected?

Most international travelers will need either a Canada Visitor visa which grants them entry to Canada or a Canada eTA (Electronic Travel Authorization) if you are from one of the visa-exempt countries. Read more at Canada Entry Requirements by country.

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