Top Reasons Why One Should Think About Moving to Canada

Updated on Jan 28, 2024 | Canada Visa Online

Are you on two minds about moving to Canada? We are here with some undeniable reasons pointing to a YES to immigrate to Canada. Let’s find out!

High-quality lifestyle, breathtaking wilderness, and multicultural celebration- It’s Canada! No wonder more and more people are looking to immigrate here, making it one of the top countries in the world. In fact, recent research shows that this country is expecting around 500,000 newcomers by 2025, which is going to be a record so far! Above all, flying to Canada has become easier than ever- All thanks to Canada eTA or Canada visa online. It takes just a day or two to receive your Canada eTA. 

Still on the fence about moving to Canada? We can give you not just one but five reasons to do so. Let’s dive in. 

Why Would One Want to Move to Canada?

Well, the multicultural, high-quality lifestyle, and wilderness are not the only reasons people love to move here. There are many other reasons behind making this country the best option to immigrate to. 

Job opportunities

Labor shortages are nothing new in Canada, which has taken the job vacancy rates at a high, like around a million, according to the recent statistics reports. In fact, it also shows that the earnings of recent immigrants in Canada have increased by nearly 39%. Yet, when looking for great job opportunities, it’s the right place to move in, which needs a simple visa application to obtain a Canada work permit.

Universal healthcare

Medical requirements are a basic need for anyone, and in Canada, it’s considered a fundamental right for the citizens. The national health insurance in Canada ensures no Canadian will be deprived of medical care due to lack of costs, as accessing medical care doesn’t depend on the annual income of individuals here. Hence, you don’t need to pay for medical emergency services, in most cases. Immigrants can sign up here for the health insurance system according to territory or province regulations they live in and obtain a health card to access most medical treatments through the Canadian healthcare system.  

Canada visa

High-quality education system

Do you know Canada has recently ranked as the top-educated country in the world? That’s right! In fact, Canada considers education as the fundamental right of citizens and ensures greater access to high-quality and affordable post-secondary education besides free public schooling. That’s why it has become an excellent destination for international studies. Foreign students come here to study and apply for Canadian permanent resident cards to stay. 

Multicultural and diversity

In Canada, the Canadian Multiculturalism Act was passed into law in 1988, demonstrating a commitment to a diverse society. That’s why this country is now the home of more than 200 countries, regardless of religion, culture, and race, which makes newcomers feel like being Canadian forever. No wonder most people nowadays choose Canada when there’s an option to move to a new country. It just takes a simple Canada visa online application.

Thriving economy

Canada is one of the top economically stable countries in 2024. It has made a comeback even stronger since the post-pandemic period. Recent reports show that Canada’s economy has grown at a pace where the demands for overseas workers are increasing in each province. As a result, newcomers or immigrants have a better chance to succeed here in their careers. 

Note: With an online visa application process allowing a 5-year Canada visa validity, you can enter the country and stay for up to six months within that period. Then, you can extend your stay here based on your travel purpose.

In Conclusion

So, are you ready to move to Canada? If yes, apply for a Canada visa online today! And, if you are seeking expert assistance, count on us. At ONLINE CANADIAN ETA, we have professionals to assist applicants with Canada visa applications online, from filling out the form to reviewing it for accuracy, grammar, and spelling to document translation and obtaining travel authorization.

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