Canada eTA Application: Common Mistakes Applicants Often Do

Updated on Feb 26, 2024 | Canada Visa Online

Applying for a Canada eTA online? Make sure you don’t make these most common mistakes applicants usually do. Find out here!

Whether it be tourism, study, business, or work, Canada has become the epitome for travelers in recent years. But, to obtain a legal permit to enter and stay in Canada, you need to apply for a Canada visa according to your travel purpose. And the best part is that a Canada eTA Application is no longer a lengthy process to complete. Just apply online, fill out the form with accurate information, and submit.

However, recent reports show that applicants make some common mistakes in most cases of eVisa Canada applications. And, in today’s blog, we will discuss that. Keep reading.

Slip-ups Most Applicants make in Canada eVisa Application

An Online Canada visa or Canada eTA visa is a mandatory travel document for visa-exempt countries to Canada and stay there for a certain period. It allows the applicants for sightseeing and tourism, medical treatments, and business purposes. Thanks to Internet access, it is a convenient and straightforward process, which takes just half an hour to complete. You just need to have a valid email address, Passport, and credit or debit card.

Once you fill out a Canada eTA application form, you should receive the eTA visa via your email within 24 hours unless you have made any of the mistakes mentioned below, which can cause delays or even visa refusal. Such as:

Providing inaccurate or false information

Online Canada eTA application requires some valid data to complete the application, including personal information, passport details, including the date of issue and expiration, travel purpose, address, background data, and much more. Providing any of these data inaccurate or false can delay the process or even reject your visa application.

Your application and documents were not in order

When you are planning to move to Canada or go on a trip here, applying for a Canada eTA (if you are from a visa-exempt country) or Canada visa online is mandatory. But, while doing so, applicants often fail to keep the documents in order when submitting them online or to the nearest Canadian embassy or consulate in their nation. Unorganised documents can hinder your application process or even delay it further.

Make document submission in unofficial language

It’s the most common mistake applicants make during a visa application online to Canada. You need to submit all your documents in English to avoid delays or any hindrance in the application process. Otherwise, Canadian authorities may find it difficult to identify details, which will take time to process. It’s best to get in touch with Online Canada eTA for the document translation.

Three Common Mistakes on Canada eTA Application

At ONLINE CANADIAN ETA, our agents assist travellers not just in obtaining travel authorization but translating documents into English from over 100 languages. Also, we review the application to ensure accuracy, including spelling and grammar, so the applicants make no such errors during the application. You can expect our expert help throughout the process, from filling out the application to submission of documents, and rest assured your process is in good hands.

So, why wait? Apply now now for a Canada eTA.

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